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•  At ēRYAbySURIA, we offer an unforgettable experience and life’s most meaningful journey that set us apart from other brands. The unique opportunities to experience a destination in its truest form with our elevated service and amenities at our properties will entice guests to return and tempt those who have yet to visit.

•  Every experience through our all-in-one travel destinations, whether it a relaxing retreat, fun-filled vacation or an exciting adventure, is beyond expectation and those everlasting and precious moments you create at ēRYAbySURIA will only leave you richer.

Adventure & Team Activity

A unique outdoor experience awaits all adventure enthusiasts to explore the sites at ēRYAbySURIA that involve challenging obstacles, rugged terrain and tricky slopes while discovering the beauty of the local trails and traversing into the wilderness. Take your pick and get into actions of the adrenaline-pumping activities while either marvelling the magnificent panorama of the mountain, lush green forest or admiring the picturesque ocean and beaches.


• Jungle Trekking
• Camping
• Horse Riding
• Archery

River Activity

You’ll find plenty of thrills in store for your river adventure surrounded by a sanctuary of trees, with a breath-taking view of the river. Prepare to be mesmerised and hypnotised as the river has its own charm to give you an experience of a lifetime with its exciting activities and never-ending current.


• River Tubing
• Mangrove River Cruise
• Firefly Trip
• Kenyir Explorace
• Kayaking
• Rafting

Sea Activity

The coastline along South China Sea is full of treasures that call for adventure, relaxation and the discovery. If you have different expectations of what your dream beach vacation might entail, ēRYAbySURIA has it all from beautiful beaches to bask on and turquoise ocean brimming with marine life to indulge in to crystal-clear depths to dive and explore.

With abundance of aquatic activities to choose from, this is the incredibly fun destination for you.


• Squid Jigging
• Experience with Turtle
• Fishing
• Redang Trip
• Snorkelling Package


If you need more of laid-back entertainment and if your family consist of small children, ēRYAbySURIA also offers other attractive and fun activities to get the kids to want to participate in family activities, keep them entertained and for them to remember fondly the time spent together.


• Junior Chef Baking Class
• Legoland Package
• USS Package
• Batik Painting
• Night Market Trip