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Leading At Work

Course Objective Course Outcomes Course Outline (8 Hours)

To optimize the performance of teams in the workplace, by developing effective team practices and honing the leadership skills of individual members.

  • • Inreased commitment to, and focus on, overarching priorities within the team.
  • • Creation of an open and attractive team culture which promotes retention, and attracts outside talent.
  • • Emergence of talented leaders with admirable traits, and well-honed skills to lead in the future.

Segment 1: Building Effective Teams (4 hours)
Talk: Ten Laws of Team-ship At Work
Experience: Outdoors Team Challenge

Segment 2: Leadership Gold (2 hours)
Talk: Ten Lessons in Great Leadership
Experience: Group Sharing

Segment 3: Smart Conflict Resolution (2 hours)
Talk: Understanding and Solving Conflicts at Work
Experience: Guided role-play


Growing At Work

Course Objective Course Outcomes Course Outline (8 Hours)

To maximize the company’s human capital by accelerating the growth and development of their employees, both by gearing employees’ beliefs and attitudes towards growth, and by helping to create the workplace practices that promote continuous learning.

  • • A workforce that is committed to learning and motivated to continuously improve.
  • • Growth of organizational intelligence and knowledge systems which benefit all employees.
  • • Accelerated growth through mentoring relationships, creating a deep bench of top talent.

Segment 1: The Growth Mindset (2 hours)
Talk: Positivity, Purpose, Proactivity and the Habit of Reflection.
Experience: Group Sharing

Segment 2: Institutionalizing Growth (4 hours)
Talk: Distributed Leadership and Creating a Learning Organization
Experience: Mini Community Service Project

Segment 3: Accelerating Growth (2 hours)
Talk: Powerful Mentoring Practices
Experience: Paired Mentoring Exercise


Winning At Work

Course Objective Course Outcomes Course Outline (8 Hours)

To secure consistent high performance and success against goals, by developing strong executional and problem-solving skills within the team.

  • • Teams that are good at independent problem-solving and delivering sustainable solutions.
  • • Teams that apply smart prioritization, organization and measurement practices to their projects to enhance their success.
  • • A workforce which is mature, open and balanced in their thinking, and is not easily misled by bias or misassumptions.

Segment 1: Executing With Excellence (4 hours)
Talk: The Right Priorities, Practices and Measurements for Flawless Execution
Experience: Group Discussion and Presentations

Segment 2: A Winner’s Vision (2 hours)
Talk: The Art of Clear Thinking
Experience: Team Strategy Games

Segment 3: Overcoming Obstacles (2 hours)
Talk: Tips and Tools for Problem-Solving At Work
Experience: Problem-Solving Simulation


Innovating At Work

Course Objective Course Outcomes Course Outline (8 Hours)

To protect and grow the company’s competitive advantage through relevant and successful innovation, by recognizing demand, creating to meet demand, persuading to convert demand, and changing to stay ahead.

  • • A product or service portfolio that evolves and improves to meet or lead customer demand.
  • • Customer-facing and internal processes that stay simple and relevant to meet market needs.
  • • A closer and warmer bond with customers as they turn into a devoted fan base.

Segment 1: Successful Innovation (3 hours)
Talk: The Discipline of Demand-Led Innovation
Experience: Ideation and Concept-Building

Segment 2: Winning Fans (3 hours)
Talk: The Art of Persuasion and Positioning
Experience: The Pitch Challenge!

Segment 3: Shepherding Change (2 hours)
Talk: Managing and Sustaining Change in the Workplace
Experience: Group Sharing