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1. 酒店与客户服务专业文凭
2. 餐饮服务运作专业文凭
3. 食品准备与制作专业文凭
4. 点心与糕点制作专业文凭
5. 家政管理专业文凭
6. 食品安全专业文凭
7. 收入管理专业文凭
8. 酒店运营管理专业文凭
9. 酒店管理专业文凭

10. 每月烹饪和糕点课:

三月 a) Crust Pastry – Apple pie, fruit tartlet & beef/chicken pie
b) Choux Pastry – Cream puff, chocolate éclairs, pudding puff & lychee
四月 a) ” Lauk Pauk ” – Vegetable kabuli rice, Spice chicken & gado-gado
b) Chinese Cooking – Young chow fried rice, crispy fried fish and casserole tofu & vegetables
五月 a) Puff Pastry – Chicken pie, custard & apple puff and fruid puff
b) Cakes – Carrot cake with cheese frosting, roll red velvet & fruit sponge
六月 a) Specialty Cake – Opera cake, tiramisu and non-baked vanilla cheese cake
b) Yeast products – Roti berinti, donuts and Hokkaido bread
七月 a) Chinese set – Chicken ball, crispy cantonese noodles & steamed asam fish
b) Nyonya Cooking – Prawn with pineapples, pong the chicken and ikan asam pedas nyonya
八月 a) Decorated cake – Kek anak patung, kek hati coklat (hantaran) & kek glis cermin
b) Tarts – Chocolate tart, Hokkaido cheese tarts & bakewell tart
九月 a) “Lauk Pauk” – Nasi jagung, dendeng daging and ayan panggang Madura
b) “Nasi Berlauk” – Nasi kerabu, nasi ambang & nasi ayam penyet
十月 a) Yeast Goods – Cinnamon buns, whole meal loaf and raisin & banana loaf
b) Cupcakes galore – Pandan layer, red velvet and brownie with chocolate frosting
十一月 a) Western set – Prawn cocktail, pumpkin soup and roast chicken with mushroom sauce – baked potato
b) Festive foods – Spaghetti marinara, lasagna and mushroom pizza
十二月 a) Specialty cakes – Pavlova, macaroons and durian cakes
b) Sweets – Homemade chocolate, homemade ice cream & fruit gateau