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Short Courses

List of short courses as follow:

1. Professional Certificate in Customer Service for Hospitality Industry
2. Professional Certificate in Food & Beverages Service Operations
3. Professional Certificate in Food Preparation & Production
4. Professional Certificate in Pastry & Bakery Production
5. Professional Certificate in Housekeeping Management
6. Professional Certificate in Food Safety
7. Professional Certificate in Revenue Management
8. Professional Certificate in Hospitality Operation and Management
9. Professional Diploma in Hospitality Management

10. Monthly Culinary & Pastry Class :

Month Class
March a) Crust Pastry – Apple pie, fruit tartlet & beef/chicken pie
b) Choux Pastry – Cream puff, chocolate éclairs, pudding puff & lychee
April a) ” Lauk Pauk ” – Vegetable kabuli rice, Spice chicken & gado-gado
b) Chinese Cooking – Young chow fried rice, crispy fried fish and casserole tofu & vegetables
May a) Puff Pastry – Chicken pie, custard & apple puff and fruid puff
b) Cakes – Carrot cake with cheese frosting, roll red velvet & fruit sponge
June a) Specialty Cake – Opera cake, tiramisu and non-baked vanilla cheese cake
b) Yeast products – Roti berinti, donuts and Hokkaido bread
July a) Chinese set – Chicken ball, crispy cantonese noodles & steamed asam fish
b) Nyonya Cooking – Prawn with pineapples, pong the chicken and ikan asam pedas nyonya
August a) Decorated cake – Kek anak patung, kek hati coklat (hantaran) & kek glis cermin
b) Tarts – Chocolate tart, Hokkaido cheese tarts & bakewell tart
September a) “Lauk Pauk” – Nasi jagung, dendeng daging and ayan panggang Madura
b) “Nasi Berlauk” – Nasi kerabu, nasi ambang & nasi ayam penyet
October a) Yeast Goods – Cinnamon buns, whole meal loaf and raisin & banana loaf
b) Cupcakes galore – Pandan layer, red velvet and brownie with chocolate frosting
November a) Western set – Prawn cocktail, pumpkin soup and roast chicken with mushroom sauce – baked potato
b) Festive foods – Spaghetti marinara, lasagna and mushroom pizza
December a) Specialty cakes – Pavlova, macaroons and durian cakes
b) Sweets – Homemade chocolate, homemade ice cream & fruit gateau

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